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Digital Marketing Services

Don’t build content. Build relationships.

The digital marketing puzzle has so many pieces it can feel overwhelming. We’ll help you pull all of that together into a streamlined, effective plan that covers all your bases and gets you the results you’re after. But we won’t stop there.

Karmic Artworks has a test-driven marketing strategy. Maybe it’s all the video editing and web development we do, but we’re huge believers in testing and refining our work. 

In other words, we’ll never just dump a marketing plan in your lap and say “good luck, mate!” We’ll work work with you to see what works, what doesn’t, and how the plan can be improved.

By testing different strategies, analyzing the results, and incrementally improving what we’re doing, we make sure you end up with the best plan for you—and the one that gets the best results.

Services Offered

SEO Strategy

If your site and videos can’t be found, they might as well not exist at all! We’ll show you how to use the magic of SEO to make sure clients and prospects find you.

Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and more. Everyone is on the big social media platforms. But not everyone knows how to use them effectively. We’ll help you do social media right, so that you can engage your audience and stand out.

Google & Facebook Ads

These tech giants know everything about everyone. Creepy, yes, but also an insanely effective way to create hyper-targeted advertising that gets results. We’ll help you develop advertising and re-targeting campaigns to leverage the tremendous amount of data collected by Google and Facebook and connect with your ideal customers.

So you need a plan. But what kind?