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About Us

We are a boutique video production, digital marketing and web design agency.

We help our clients create beautiful, engaging video content – producted and distributed as part of a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Video that looks great, gets seen, and gets results. So why did we decide to combine the three services in a single agency? 

Short answer? We saw a need in the market.

We’d hear from people – again and again – who had worked with other video production houses. They’d tell us, with more than a little frustration, that they just couldn’t understand why their gorgeous new video wasn’t going viral, or why they hadn’t seen a bump in sales.

But we could see the problem straight away. They had the video. But it wasn’t part of a plan. They’d basically bought a really expensive, reasonably well-edited home movie.

At Karmic Artworks, we’re video and marketing people. We love great video content. But we also think it needs to get results.

We find it just a little bit heartbreaking to think of amazing content that nobody ever sees. Or really pretty videos that get lots of likes….but don’t generate a single new client.

Work with us, and you’ll be get video that’s tailor-made to get results for your business, so that you can connect with your clients in a voice that’s uniquely, well, you.

That personal connection is at the heart of everything we do, including how we work with our own clients. We’ll meet up with you to figure out how to get the results you want – and we’ll be with you every step of the way, whether you need an in-person visit or a simple phone call.

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