Web Design Services

Gorgeous sites.

Built to perform.

Your website is your office on the Internet.

And just like your real-world office, you need something that’s going to impress new customers—and keep the old ones coming back.

For prospects, it’s the first stop before deciding to take the next step with you…or not. For existing clients, it’s either a place they look forward to visiting…or one they dread.

If your site loads too slowly, is hard to use, or just can’t be found in the search engines, it’s going to cost you business.

But a well-designed site? It’s like having a seasoned sales pro working for you 24/7. A great website will bring new business through the door, and keep your existing clients coming back year after year.

Scalable web design

The first rule of web design is to build a site that’s right for you, not someone else. You need something that fits your business and your customers.

At Karmic Artworks, we’ll work with you to decide what you really need…and what you don’t. Then we’ll develop and optimize your site to help you get the results you want.

Just starting out?

We’ll give you an easy-to-manage site built for growth and designed to scale. It will get your business moving in the right direction, right now. And if you decide to expand later, you can build on the foundation you already have, instead of starting all over again.

Need an Overhaul?

Website not pulling its weight? Can’t spend the time or money to build a whole new site from scratch right now? We’ll take a look at what your goals are and where your current site is falling short. Then we’ll work with you to figure out how to use what you already have, and help you make smart decisions about what to keep and what to change.

Growing and Expanding?

We’ll look at how your business has changed—and where it’s going. Then we’ll figure out what solutions make sense for you going forward. Whether you need to scale up to handle increased traffic, build a new section of the site, or integrate ERP, CRM, or LMP software, we’ve got you covered.

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Services offered

Here are a few of the things Karmic Artworks can do for you:

Responsive, cross-platform design:

We build sites that look great and perform beautifully on every device and OS. Whether your clients are using the newest iPhone or an older Windows desktop, they’ll all get the same great experience when they visit your site.

Scalable design:

Websites change. Fact of life. We follow scalable design principles—meaning that all our sites are built with the future in mind. If you need to expand or change your site later on, a scalable design will make it much easier (and cheaper).

ERP / CRM / LMS integration:

We can help you integrate even the most complex ERP, CRM, or LMS tools—and show you how to get the most out of them. If you’ve got an existing integration that’s giving you a headache, we can work with you to debug it and get things working again.

SEO optimization:

Terrifyingly enough, there are plenty of ways you can accidentally destroy your site’s Google search ranking. Not to worry. We’ll help you design pages that follow SEO best practices so this won’t happen. We’ll also show you how to add content to your site the right way, so that you’ll continue to climb in the rankings.

Case studies and client stories:

Build social proof and develop trust. Look, it’s easy to say your product or service is the best. But it’s a lot more believable (and effective) to let real clients tell the world how your business made all the difference in their lives.


Great websites are fast, beautiful, and easy to use. Alas, far too many websites are not so great! Slow-loading pages, poor UX design, broken links, and missing functionality all drive users away—sometimes after just a few seconds on the site. We’ll build you a website that’s actually fun to visit, so that instead of “bouncing”, your users will stick around and engage.

Graphic design:

Great sites should look great. We’ll help you develop a distinctive visual style tailored to your brand (no cookie-cutter sites allowed). We can help you choose stock photography if you like, though as a video production studio, we’ve also got the tools to help you create gorgeous and completely unique HD photo and video content. Seriously, we’re swimming in cameras.

Support and training:

One of the challenges of a new website is learning how to use all the bells and whistles. We can provide you with full after sales technical support for your site, and we can conduct virtual or on-site training sessions for you and your staff.